How to Create Addon Domain in Cpanel? Step By Step Guide

How to Create Addon Domain in Cpanel? Step By Step Guide

What is Addon Domain?

An addon domain is a fully separate and functional domain that can be created from within your control panel if your hosting providers allowed you to create this. Think of it as having multiple hosting packages all sharing the same control panel. An addon domain can create in cPanel will only function if the domain is registered and pointed to the server via DNS (Domain Name Server) or an A record. A record can be managed in domain DNS system.

Lets Create an Addon Domain

1. Login to you Cpanel

For creating addon domain you have to login to your hosting account where you want to create this. All hosting plans offer Cpanel, so you can control you websites files and domains.

2. Look for Addon Domain Option

After login to your Cpanel you can see an option “Addon Domains” in statistics right side of the screen. You can find out the allowed addon domains that you can create. In above picture I can create 35 adon domains and manage them at one platform.

3. Go to Addon Domain Settings

After clicking addon domains option you will see above screen. Write your domain name which you have registered from domain provider on “New Domain Name”. You must have purchase a domain to manage at Cpanel. In subdomain, write any subdomain name as you like to create, For example my new domain in and my subdomain will be After this Document root will auto pick the folder for you new domain that you can manage your files in File Manager.

4. Create FTP Account (Optional)

If you want to control your domains file via an FTP account you can create it while creating addon domains.

5. Create an Data Base for your new Domain

Creating a Data Base is much easy and it necessary to store your website data in Cpanel Database. You have to search “MySQL Databases” in Cpanel Home. Click the above mentioned option to create database for cpanel.

Your default domain will be your new domains databases administrator to handle new domains data or files. Just name it your new database as you like. Done use any symbols.

After creating database you will see this screen. now you have to create a database user to control your website installation or files settings. Database user is very important, so you can host your new domain by using these settings.

6. Create a User For Your Database

For creating database user, write use name and password. Remember your database name and user information. Write it on notepad or save it in your laptop or PC.

7. Add User to Your Database

After creating database user for your new domain, add that user to your database that you created recently for your new domain. Click on user you will see a list of database users, select your user you created for and sleet your database for your domain.

Your will see Current users in your MySQL Database. You can easily rename, change password or delete the user if you want.

Go to current databases and click on Privileged Users and click on all Privileges so your domain and hosting will not go down.

7. Upload Files to Your New Domain

Go to file manager and look for a folder for your new domain that your created one in addon domains. You will see as we created an addon domain like, we can find the folder in public html. Now you can open this folder and install WordPress or upload your files to live your website on your new domain.