How to Compress Any Website Files CSS or JS

compress any website files css or javascript easy method

How to compress CSS and JS? Why? Because these file slow down our website and increase the load time on server. Firstly, we should compress css and JavaScript files, secondly compress all images used in website. For better load time and fast response form server these compression setting can improve our SEO score too.

Let begin!

First, if you have website on WordPress, try using these plugin which gonna help you with image compression. By using these plugin, your website time will be optimized and improve load time. For plugin settings and recommended options, visit the plugin website to avoid mistakes.

WordPress Image Compression Plugins

Compress website files CSS and JavaScript in Cpanel

First, login to your cpanel account and look for an option “Optimize Website” in Software section.

Compressing CSS and JavaScript in Cpanel

Click to that option, you will see compression settings, disabled by default settings. Click to Compress All Content and update settings this will compress any website files. No need to check or test below option for specific compression. This will mix-up your website content.

Now check you page speed for desktop version or mobile version and see result.