Watch: Upset fan expresses disappointment after Pakistan team’s ODI loss

Watch: Upset fan expresses disappointment after Pakistan team's ODI loss


LONDON: A video of a female spectator, upset over the loss of the Pakistan cricket team in the three-day ODI series against England, recently went viral on social media. 

The video show’s the woman expressing her disappointment over the performance of the green shirts when England won by three wickets in the third ODI, held on July 13, 2021. 

The enthusiastic fan skipped school to see her team play against England. However, she was left heartbroken after all the hard work couldn’t result in a win for Pakistan.

Though disappointed, she said she is still optimistic that the green shirts wouldn’t disappoint fans in the upcoming matches, adding that the slow run rate at the beginning of the match led to the failure of the team. She also advised the men in green to work on their fielding tactics.

“Nevertheless, even if you win or lose, we still love you Pakistan. I’m sure our time will come too,” expressed the spectator to egg the team green despite the loss.

The spectator claimed Babar Azam to be the player who impressed her the most.

“He always wins hearts,” she said.

She advised the management to further work on funding, fitness and training of players.

“Team players should be selected based on their talent, not sources [nepotism],” said the disgruntled fan.

The Pakistani cricket team is on an England tour since June and will play a three-match T-20 series starting from tomorrow, July 15.

The match will be streamed live on Geo Sports.


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