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perfex rcm all modules

Here you can find all Perfex CRM modules which can help you to make more powerful app for your business and create more features. This module pack include all important and useful modules to customize your RCM Portal.

This pack will include:

  1. Account Planning Module For Perfex Crm
  2. Allinone Support Module For Perfex
  3. Appointly Perfex Crm Appointments
  4. Assets Management Module For Perfex Crm
  5. Call Log Module For Perfex Crm
  6. Custom Javascript Module For Perfex
  7. Custom Sms Email Notifications For Pefex
  8. Custom Task Filters Module For Perfex Crm
  9. Drag And Drop Perfex Crm Email Builder
  10. Facebook Leads Integration Sync Module For Perfex Crm
  11. Gocardless Payment Gateway For Perfex Crm
  12. Human Resources Management Hr Module For Perfex Crm
  13. Inventory Management For Perfex Crm
  14. Mailbox Webmail Client For Perfex Crm
  15. Okrs Objectives And Key Results For Perfex Crm
  16. Omni Channel Sales For Perfex Crm
  17. Perfex Crm And Telegrambot Chat Module
  18. Perfex Crm Customer Feedback Module
  19. Perfex Crm Dark Theme
  20. Perfex Crm Employee Chat
  21. Perfex Crm Flat Theme
  22. Perfex Mercadopago
  23. Perfex Shop Ecommerce Module For Perfex Crm Products Services
  24. Perfex Zoom Meeting Module
  25. Purchase Management For Perfex Crm
  26. Razorpay Payment Gateway For Perfex Crm
  27. Recruitment Management For Perfex Crm
  28. Rest Api For Perfex Crm
  29. Sales Commission Program For Perfex Crm
  30. Spreadsheet Online For Perfex Crm
  31. Tasks Bookmark Module For Perfex Crm
  32. Team Password For Perfex Crm
  33. Weboox Convert Perfex Crm To App Android
  34. Weboox Pro Theme For Perfex Crm
  35. Whatsapp Module For Perfex Crm
  36. Woocommerce Module For Perfex Crm
  37. Wordfex

Each module price is $5.00 or you can buy whole module pack in only $150 with all documentations.

Write me an email or message at WhatsApp to buy whole pack or single module.

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