Medical Coding Modifiers Index List

Medical Coding Modifiers Index List | Medical Coding Guides
Medical Coding Modifiers Index List | Medical Coding Guides

Medical Coding Modifiers Index List and Guide. The following chart has developed to assist providers in their billing. Also help in understanding how healthcare and medical billing companies handles specific modifiers in coding.

It is imperative providers understand the importance of using these modifiers correctly. Improper coding could result in a delayed, denied or incorrect payment for the service(s) submitted.

Medical Modifiers Index

Additionally a modifier is a code that provides the means by which the reporting physician can indicate. A service or procedure that has been performed during visit. As well as altered by some specific circumstance but has not changed in its definition or code. Furthermore this index file will allow you to understand each modifiers.

Here is a short description for some few coding modifiers:

  • LT left side of the body.
  • RT right side of the body.
  • GC service performed by residents or students
  • 52 Reduced Services
  • 53 Discontinued procedure
  • 59 Distinct procedural service
  • 79 Unrelated procedure or service performed by the same physician

When multiple procedures, other than Evaluation and Management Services, are performed at the same session by the same provider, the primary procedure or service may be reported as listed. The additional procedure(s) or service(s) may be identified by appending the CPT modifier 51 to the additional procedure or service code(s).