Quiz Submissions – Radiology, Pathology and Laboratory, and Medicine sections of the ICD-10.


Quiz Submissions – Self Check: ICD-10-CM Coding for online medical billing and coding exams. You can find the correct answers before submitting your assignments to the examiner.

Explain when and how to assign codes from the Radiology, Pathology and Laboratory, and Medicine sections of the CPT.

See below correct answers:

Question 1
If an outpatient surgery is not performed due to contraindications, report.

  • the reason for the surgery with modifier -53.
  • the reason for the surgery. (Correct Answer)
  • the reason for surgery with modifier -56.
  • nothing; the surgery is not reported.

Question 2
Which guideline states that symptoms and signs (rather than diagnoses) are acceptable for outpatient coding?

  • Guideline A
  • Guideline F
  • Guideline G
  • Guideline D (Correct Answer)

Question 3
Diagnostic coding and reporting for outpatient services under Guideline J directs you to code all documented conditions that.

  • are currently being treated.
  • cause signs and symptoms.
  • coexist. (Correct Answer)
  • are currently and previously being treated.

Question 4
Which guideline states that for patients receiving preoperative evaluations only, report a code from subcategory Z01.81as a first-line diagnosis?

  • Guideline M (Correct Answer)
  • Guideline Q
  • Guideline N
  • Guideline P

Question 5
Diagnosis or nature of illness codes should be placed in box ______ on the CMS 1500 claim form.

  • 24E
  • 33A
  • 21A (Correct Answer)
  • 19D

Question 6
Which reference within the index to diseases and injuries directs coders to specific information about assignment of the code?

  • “see also condition” (Correct Answer)
  • “see”
  • “see also”
  • “use”

Question 7
In coding, the first step is to locate the main term in the index of diseases and injuries by

  • condition, sign, symptom, or disease. (Correct Answer)
  • body area.
  • condition and symptom.
  • disease only.

Question 8
Always use _____ to classify two diagnoses or a diagnosis with associated complication.

  • a code for the primary condition
  • two separate codes
  • combination codes (Correct Answer)
  • a code for the condition currently causing symptoms

Question 9
Never code directly from the

  • alphabetical index.
  • table of neoplasms.
  • index to disease and injuries. (Correct Answer)
  • tabular list.

Question 10
During HIV screening, code ______ for patients in high-risk group for HIV.

  • Z71.7
  • Z72.89
  • Z11.4, Z11.7
  • Z11.4 (Correct Answer)

Question 11
If medical documentation does not include the type of diabetes mellitus, report

  • nothing. If the type of diabetes isn’t specified, no code is reported.
  • type 2. (Correct Answer)
  • a combination DM code to include a disease listed.
  • type 1.

Question 12
Unknown status of a neoplasm is always reported with which code?

  • I10
  • D49.9 (Correct Answer)
  • Z85
  • C67.5

Question 13
When both hypertensive chronic kidney disease and hypertensive heart disease are stated in the diagnosis, assign a category ________ code.

  • I10
  • N18
  • I13 (Correct Answer)
  • I11

Question 14
Which code set is assigned only to the mother’s medical record?

  • P07 category
  • O00-O9A (Correct Answer)
  • Z11 category
  • S00-T14

Question 15
Report ______ diseases each time they’re treated

  • acute and chronic
  • chronic (Correct Answer)
  • acute
  • fatal

Question 16
Which guideline explains the level of detail in coding ICD-10-CM (code to the highest number of characters available)?

  • Guideline C
  • Guideline G
  • Guideline F (Correct Answer)
  • Guideline M

Question 17
_____________ is defined as the last month of pregnancy to five months postpartum.

  • Peripartum (Correct Answer)
  • Postpartum
  • Puerperium
  • Antepartum

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