Mahira Khan: ‘Never recommended skin lightening products’

Mahira Khan: 'Never recommended skin lightening products notwithstanding periodic proposals'

Mahira Khan Never recommended skin lightening outcomes notwithstanding periodic proposals. The cruel slaughter of George Floyd and the launch of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ journey has recommended nativity to a different. Celebrities defending fairness product which got viral on twitter.

While it is evident that most of our stars unaware of how supporting plays a major role in feeding racism. Some have staunchly denied all such ad offers since the very start of their career. Mahira Khan, who has never endorsed a fairness cream product to date. Recently came forth revealing that she had consciously been turning the offers down since she was a VJ.

In a recent tweet, Mahira addressed, been declining ever as she was a VJ till now. Never legalized skin lightening assets.”

Mahira Khan on Skin Lightening Products:

Momina Mustehsan on Skin Lightening:

Recently, Zara Noor Abbas suffered backlash for delivering her two cents on the George Floyd cover. The all-pervasive systemic prejudice prevailing across the globe.
She was invited out for her bunk over raising the Black Lives Matter march while supporting a skin lightening product. So proposing a general idea that fairness is winning.

Momina Mustehsan on Skin Lightening:

In reply, Zara had stated: “That does not support killing. Does not support racism. Stop doing this out of meaning when it is not the plan. Your word doesn’t mean here. What values are human life and justice and this is what I am here for. A face wash is hitting No one.”