Actress Maya Ali revealed the silence on Usman Khalid Butt

Maya Ali and Usman Khalid Butt | Revealed Their Relationship

Capital PK: Actress Maya Ali & famous (Shahzain) Usman Khalid But were on an live interview. Maya Ali is one who worked with best directors in TV industry. On live interview, they told publicly that they are getting some wrong news from their fans. Peoples were talking about their marriage which is getting viral on social media. Maya Ali and Usman Khalid told the truth between their relationship.

Actress Maya Ali has revealed that they are good friends and will be remain friends. She said, our friendship will not bound us to get married.

Speaking on hashtag #Usmaya during a live session with HSY, he said that when it started they both had no idea about that. People misspell their name and after the drama serial “Diyar-e-Dil”. Peoples were mixing their names Maya Ali & Usman Khalid like usmaya.

“At the moment, people assumed they were both married and later they knew everyone there was no such thing,” She stated. Regarding the new plan, She said, there are some dialogues but Usman Khalid Butt says that we will work collectively on a good dialogue. They said celebrities can get viral quickly without any reasons but people can’t stop this.

Usman Khalid Butt and Maya Ali looks cute together and attract peoples to think something like it’s viral today. They should be couple or not? Write your comments below and give your thoughts about them.