Top HR Companies Ranking In Pakistan

Top HR Companies Ranking

Where Can I Find the Best HR Companies to Outsource Human Resources Management? 2021 Ranking of Top HR Companies Ranking In Pakistan.

As companies begins to grow, HR management becomes a larger need. If HR isn’t handled well, it leads to high employee turnover, lack of staff, and time-consuming. Many companies find that outsource HR firms that can handle all those tasks for them, saving them considerable time and money. This guide will help you to get services form Top HR Companies Ranking in Pakistan.

Some of the acronyms you will find when looking for human resource management companies are:

  • HRO: Human Resource Outsourcing
  • HCM: Human Capital Management (another way to say HR management)
  • PEO: Professional Employer Organization
  • HRM: Human Resource Management

Top HR Companies Ranking In Pakistan List:

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1. HT Supplies & Services

HT Supplies HR Outsourcing Staffing Agency in Pakistan which provides HR and Staffing services for any industry in Pakistan. They follow simple approach not only but also varies according to the work. The HT Supplies Company provide exactly what client’s business requirements are. HT Supplies is one of the Top HR Companies Ranking In Pakistan on Clutch and Google.

2. Haider Traders

Haider Traders was established in 1995 and now the company is registered in Jan-2018 since then providing best services to our valuable customers. 100% RESULTS GUARANTEE as well as unique onboarding process. Their Talented Staff, IT members & Marketing Experts works only for quality and maintain company standard.

3. BCCI Consulting

BCCI( Business Consultants Club International) is designed to operate as one—a single global partnership united by a strong set of values, including a deep commitment to diversity. The BCCI provides HR, Business and HR Digitization services.

4. Mustakbil

Started on October 07, 2004, is Pakistan’s leading job site. It helps job seekers in finding the jobs of their own choice while providing a unique platform for employers to advertise different career opportunities available in their organization and receive resumes from the potential candidates online. 

5. Alahad Group Pakistan

The Alahad Group recruiting specialists, industry leaders in Pakistan. Our brand remains loyal to the pioneering spirit of our founder Muhammad Sharif. Alahad Group is one of Pakistan’s largest privately-owned overseas recruitment agencies.

What are the 5 main areas of HR?
Human resources is often divided into five core functions.
These 5 main areas of HR are:

1. Staffing/recruitment
2. Development & training
3. Compensation/benefits
4. Health & safety
5. Employee & labor relations
What is the difference between HR and Admin?
Admin, or administration, includes activities related to managing the day-to-day workflow of a company. HR (human resources) deals specifically with functions related to the support of employees, including compensation, training, relations, recruitment, and more.