Separation & Termination Process For HR Companies


Here is the Separation & Termination Process of a HR company or a hiring agency. All hiring companies follow instruction and steps to perform each action against any employee or workers.

  1. The resignation letter/email received from the employee should be shared with the client ASAP.
  2. A confirmation email receives from the client.
  3. HR Coordinator will acknowledge the email and tag the concerned employee in the database (HRIS)
  4. Supplier coordinator removes the employee from the active list of employees and payroll sheet.
  5. Final clearance email received from client HR.
  6. Supplier Coordinator will acknowledge clearance email and prepare settlement and invoice.
  7. Supplier coordinator share final settlement and invoice with client HR for approval
  8. Client HR approves the final settlement, and the Supplier coordinator will coordinate with the employee for final compensation (recovery/payment)
  9. In case of recovery, Supplier issues official recovery letter(s) to the employee. Also, no clearance and service certificate issued until recovery made y employee.
  10. In case of payment, Supplier client executive will get a final settlement and copy of cheque signed from employee and maintains a record.
  11. Supplier coordinator also prepares copies and shares with client HR (if required).